About mifm

One Stop Financial Management & Solution for Malaysia Community

MIFM is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) established in 2022 with an objective to provide education to Malaysians for better understanding on financial planning and debt management, also to help Malaysian to transform their bad debt into good financial strategies, hence creating household wealth for better lifestyle.
MIFM aspires to achieve its vision and mission by harnessing strong collaboration with financial consultant and create unique ecosystem that benefits Malaysia communities. Our target is to convert 5000 Malaysian into good financial planner in 5 years. We assist Malaysian to step out from bad debt and start building wealth. In the long run, we will improve local market with better spending power and build up better economy for the country.

Core Value





Our Vision

Strategize financial education as major needs for Malaysia community to build wealth and improve lifestyle through financial management.

Our Mission

Educate 5000 Malaysian to be free from bad debt and achieve financial freedom by 2027.

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